Thank you economic stimulus…I’m saving on transit costs!

I commute on the train every day to work.  I live far enough from the city that my monthly pass costs about $152.  Up until April I could only get $120 of that pre-tax.  As of April, and because of the stimulus bill signed by President Obama on 2/17 I can now get my full ticket taken care of pre-tax.  The new limit is $230.   My only question is why did this take so damn long?  I can’t use the transit check money for anything else so why haven’t I been able to get the full amount pre-tax before this?  The Republicans have claimed they want me to have more of my own money and this would have been an easy way for me to keep more of my own money but previously the bumps in the amount that could be use for transit pre-tax were very small.

So thanks to the Democrats in the House and Senate, as well as the three Republicans who had the balls to stand up for regular people against their party’s temper tantrum, for finally bumping this up high enough that anyone’s train ticket can be covered by pre-tax dollars!

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