Ah religion…..just makes me feel so peaceful…

A 9-year old girl is raped and abused repeatedly in Brazil by her step-father and becomes pregnant(!).  Mother, in accordance with the law that allows abortion in the case of health risks for the mother, gets her daughter an abortion.  Mother probably thinks that a 9-year old isn’t quite ready physically to carry twins to term.  Mother gets excommunicated from the Catholic church (as are the doctors).  The Bishop’s reasoning:

“The law of God is higher than any human laws,” Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho said in an interview on Globo television. “When a human law is against the law of God, that law has no value.”

Oh…and the father wasn’t excommunicated because, while what he did was deplorable, he didn’t take a life.

And from the land of Saudi Arabia we get this gem:

A 75-year-old widow in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 40 lashes and four months in jail for mingling with two young men who are not close relatives, drawing new criticism for the kingdom’s ultraconservative religious police and judiciary.

The “mingling” was getting loaves of bread from a man who wasn’t her relative.

Don’t these stories make you want to run out and find religion?

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