Personal Finance blogs: when is “too much of a good thing”?

I obsessively read lifehacking blogs.  I’ve been slowly weaning myself from them but the last frontier I’ve yet to conquer is personal finance blogs.  I still read those obsessively looking for nuggets of information that I might apply to my own life.   If only I could find that one last tip that would put me over the edge and on my way to financial freedom!  I’m over the edge, just not the edge I was hoping to be on the other side of 🙂

As I was reading Get Rich Slowly today and catching up I came across a guest post titled The High Cost of Having Children in which the author,  Cathy from Chief Family Officer, talked about the choices she and her husband have had to make in their financial lives because of their choice to have kids.   One of the comments also pointed out that many of the top tier personal finance bloggers are kidless.  All this really hit home for me and had me really scratching my head as to why I’m struggling so much with direction in my financial life.

When is enough advice enough?  Why am I reading these blogs and setting my own standards by what these people, in different financial situations, are doing?  Don’t get me wrong, I find these blogs have really valuable information but I think it is far too easy to use these people to set standards for yourself that are impossibly high instead of simply looking at the advice being offered and using it as you see fit.

I, like the author of the post, am not in a position to pay off all of the debt I have right now, really concentrate on it like JD from Get Rich Slowly has done.  I’ll be in his second stage, again as the author notes she will be, for a long time to come.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either.  My life is different from JD’s.  I need to make other decisions, hopefully smart decisions, as to how to proceed in my financial life.

At the very least I think I learned that I need to put some distance between myself and the personal finance wizards out there…at least for a bit.

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