iPhone 3G data connectivity problems…they’re back

Update: Problem solved!

Awhile back I wrote about having found a solution for the data connectivity issues that were plauging my iPhone in 3G mode.  At the time a call to AT&T Tech Support made my reset my network settings which appeared to clear up the issues, and it did help….for about a day.

Since then I’ve been having the same problems and I contacted support again.  The agent I spoke with was very helpful.  I didn’t get the run-around and after some questions he told me that he was going to refer the case to a higher level of technical support.   Despite the higher level of tech support not honoring my request for email contact I was able to get in touch with them to get the ball rolling on what I hope will be a resolution.

It certainly is odd though.  More testing indicated that I was actually getting worse transfer speeds in 3G mode than if I switched the phone into EDGE mode.  3G was netting me about 50kbits/s while in EDGE I was averaging about 140kbits/s.    Those are not the results I would have expected.  Of course this is still only happening at my office.  At home I routinely get 1400kbits/s download and about 400 up.

It certainly has been an aggravating experience but I have to say that my interactions with AT&T’s tech support have been very good so far.  I hope that continues 🙂

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