Ubuntu 9.04 on VMWare Fusion 2.0.4

Happy to say that with minimal fuss I was able to get the newest release of Ubuntu Desktop, 9.04, running on VMWare Fusion on my Mac.   Five easy steps:

  1. Follow this blog post for the install (he also links to the bits I am here) – but don’t worry about his suggestion for the mouse driver since the VMWare tools install takes care of it.
  2. Once the install is completed uninstall VMWare tools (they were installed as part of step 1 but not all of it was done..vmhgfs isn’t set up).  You might have to remount the install “CD” by selecting “Install VMWare Tools” from the Virtual Machine menu.   In any case untar the tools tarball and run the uninstaller.  The uninstaller is in the bin directory of the vmware-tools-distrib directory you created.
  3. Follow the directions here for getting vmhgfs to work.
  4. Rerun the vmware tools installer in the distribution directory you created in step 2.
  5. Bask in the glow of a job well done 🙂
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