Life Lessons on Summer Solstice

At what point does a person stop, look at their life, see how many precious minutes have been wasted on trivial things, and say “enough is enough”? That’s where I find myself right now.

A recent conversation with a friend really tripped me up. It started out innocently enough basically as something to pass the time on the train ride to work. Political mattters sometimes are better left undiscussed but this was, from all appearances, a simple discussion over the economy. Given that my friend and I are really at opposing ends of the political spectrum the discussion became more heated than it should.

He simply could not understand that I didn’t agree with him. The conversation degenerated further in a series of emails traded back and forth over the rest of the day. This friend tends toward Libertarian, and in my opinion, pretty extreme views. Keyensian economic theory popped in to the conversation (as a joke I might add) at which point he essentially accused those who subscribe to the work of Keynes as Fascists and Communists and all of the other words that people generally tend to throw around these days to describe people with whom they don’t agree.

I’ve grown really weary of weak minds who latch on to these terms with little to no understanding of what they mean and wield them like sticks with which to beat people with whom they don’t agree. Main takeaway point here: if you don’t understand what something means don’t use it to label someone. You may think you’re being righteous but you just look ignorant at best, or stupid at worst.

So what does all of this have to do with my opening point? In a nutshell this: that conversation opened the floodgates in my mind as to just how much of the precious time in my life I’m wasting. Time I’m wasting on feelings of guilt, feelings of fear and worry, feelings of anger. Time I’m wasting lusting over things that are of little import (new gadgets, software, etc). So much time spent on things that really don’t matter and that when I look back on my life will mean nothing.

This isn’t some sort of religious conversion but as I get older I keep having these moments where I realize just how quickly time is passing and how I’m letting life slip by without doing any of the things I really want to accomplish. Whether those things are life changing events or small projects I want to do makes little difference. The size of the thing is irrelevant if I’m wasting all my time since absolutely nothing will get done.

So getting back to that conversation one more time: it really jarred me. It was one more conversation on a topic of which neither I nor the other party have any expertise in which to have a useful opinion yet it started to turn ugly. I’m tired of that direction of life. The honest truth is I have nothing to prove to anyone nor do I need to convince anyone of anything. What I *do* need to do is try to live my life to the best of my ability and make each minute count as much as possible. It all sounds so trite since so many people talk about these things on the Internet but it really is true. When do you reach the point of “enough is enough”? I think I’ve reached it this week. The question is: when do I do something about it?

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