Getting ready for homebrewing

I was sitting in my basement tonight feeling pretty excited about the 120 or so empty beer bottles I had just counted, enough to hold 10 gallons of homebrew beer. Step 1, for me at any rate, collect enough bottles and that step is now complete and a damn tasty step it was.

Seeing all of the different beers I had tried, an IPA here and a Belgian witbier there, was a nice trip down memory lane and thankfully there weren’t too many bad steps along the way.

Now that it’s almost fall getting step 2 underway, purchasing the equipment I need to brew, is the next step to complete. I want to celebrate my birthday this year by brewing my first batch of homebrew.

Update 11/23/2009:

The above was a draft posting I had sitting in my post queue.  Since I wrote that back in September I actually did get my first batch of homebrew done.   I wasted time so I ended up having to buy bottles but the weekend of my birthday I did go out and get the homebrew kit.  About a week later I bought the ingredients to brew a batch of nut brown ale.  Right now it’s sitting in my basement aging for several weeks but I did crack open a bottle one week after I bottled it and was extremely happy with the results.  It really tasted great, especially for a first try.    Looking forward to getting that second batch going this winter.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the 47 other bottles I have….

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