Gel Pens with Moleskine? Apparently not.

Yesterday I posted a note on Twitter:

The @ZebraPen #Sarasa gel pen is “smear-proof”? I call bullshit. Takes forever to dry and still smears in my Moleskine notebook.

Surprisingly today I received a message back on Twitter from Zebra noting that yes in fact gel pens do smear pretty badly and that on the next production run of their packaging they’re getting rid of that claim.

Well that’s great but that does me no good in my search for a gel pen for my Moleskine.  The mini version of the Pilot G2 would be perfect because of the size but damn it it smears like nuts.  Same with the Sarasa from Zebra which I found people recommending for the Moleskine and claiming it didn’t smear.  Not sure what Sarasa pen or Moleskine those folks were using but that certainly hasn’t been my experience.

Guess it’s time to hang up the idea of using a gel pen.

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