Is it that time of the year already?

You’re damned right it is.   It’s bitterly cold outside.  Seed catalogs are showing up by the shovelful in the mail.   It’s time to start thinking about the vegetable garden this year.  As in the past couple of years I’ve got grand plans.  Last year’s grand plans were squashed (no pun intended) by a hell of a lot of rain early in the spring that made me have to plant really late.   That also meant that I wasn’t able to plant everything I wanted.

I haven’t started the planning as of yet except for one thing: I’m planning on not double digging the garden by hand this year.   It just takes too damned long and I’m not convinced it helped as much as “How to Grow More Vegetables” said it would.  My average yields have been fantastic regardless of the method of soil preparation.  So this year I’m planning on tilling again to save time.   I can’t say it will save my back or save in hard labor as those big tillers are a real wild ride but it certainly will save me a lot of time.

All of the other planning is going to start happening very soon though.  Need to get those seeds ordered….

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