On the 12th Day of Christmas…

Did you know? Today *is* the 12th Day of Christmas even without the silly song. It’s linked in the Christian world to Epiphany yet the tradition of Twelfth Night/Twelfth Day itself is older than that in many parts of the world.

I celebrated Twelfth Night/Day this year even though I’m not a Christian.   I’ve been searching for ways to mark the various times of the year and while the religious observations don’t mean anything to me the fact that they’re linked with older, mostly pagan, traditions resonates deeply with me.  The older I become the more I’ve been seeking out ways to connect myself with older (or create new) traditions.   It gives us a great chance to reflect on not only our lives, but the lives of those that have come before us, throughout the year.   I’ve felt like my life has lost  meaning as I’ve gotten older and have become far too preoccupied with the minutiae of daily life and these things have helped center me and reconnect me to all that is around me.

This year, since it was really the first, I celebrated Twelfth Night by simply having some cake (a king cake) as well as some Glögg which had to fill in for the Wassail traditionally served on Twelfth Night.  I wanted something subdued and really just wanted to note the day with some traditional foods.

Today for Twelfth Day/Epiphany I had the same foods and went out for a walk.  The walk seemed an appropriate way to bring an end to the festivities of the Christmas season.  The air smelled wonderfully clean and at times scented with the smell of burning wood.  It put me in a thoughtful mood, which I think, was the point of marking the holiday.   It’s now time to put the old year behind me and start the new one with a fresh perspective.  I’ve made some major changes in my life to start the  year (new job) and will continue to make others throughout the year.

To any and all reading this I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you peace and prosperity in the coming year!

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