CrashPlan saves me *again*

Wow.  Talk about a scary moment.  Just to note: I’ve been pretty anal about backing up my data elsewhere besides a disk sitting at my house.  CrashPlan is perfect because I can not only back up to other systems in my house but also their central servers for a fee which by the way is a damned good deal.

Anyhow, I had to reinstall Windows last night.   Doing so changed the generated ID that CrashPlan uses to identify each computer system.  Seems reasonable but I just wasn’t thinking.   Tonight when I reinstalled CrashPlan and did a test backup I had the surprise of seeing the client start from the beginning.   I already have about 70GB of data backed up to their servers which took a hell of a long time to accomplish and it appeared I was in for another long haul.   Until I came across this document (Reconnecting an Existing Backup).

Those guys saved my ass again!  Thinking of everything…what a great company.    I did end up having to back up some files again (in my user folder) because I ended up changing my username on the new Windows installation.  That’s OK though because that portion of data should only take a day or so 😉  The other 65+GB is safe and sound…

Thanks CrashPlan!

3 thoughts on “CrashPlan saves me *again*

  1. CrashPlan is great. Their documentation leaves much to be desired. It took your post to point me in the right direction about reinstalling CrashPlan after format.



    1. Glad I could help. Yeah the docs do leave something to be desired. I’m just glad they have that feature that apparently saved both of us a lot of heartache 😉


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