A really easy way to remove beer bottle labels?

I was searching on the right concentration to use PBW to remove labels on beer bottles I had collected for homebrewing.  I came across this post where the author claims to have a really easy way to remove labels:

I have read the messages from users who recommend soaking the bottles in PBW™ solution and others using WD-40 to dissolve the glue, but I found a really easy way. The labels will soften up and come off by filling up a large basin (about 7 to 9 gallons) of hot water with about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of a cup of Tide laundry detergent (or other brand of strong powdered laundry detergent)

The author then goes on to note:

After you do this step, the bottles must be cleaned as usual with PBW and a bottle brush to remove any trace of the laundry detergent solution.

So let me get this straight?  You could have used PBW to remove the labels in the first place but its easier to remove the labels first with laundry detergent then use PBW?  Am I missing something?

2 thoughts on “A really easy way to remove beer bottle labels?

  1. Just to clarify … PBW won’t always work by itself. Sometimes the glue needs something a lot stronger like laundry detergent, but PBW is good for sanitary cleaning to remove all the detergent. You don’t want any traces of Tide in your beer.


    1. Ah OK. I get you Mike. That makes more sense. I used the PBW successfully the other night. 2oz to 5 gal of water. Let the bottles soak overnight. Every label came off and some of the bottles required a bit of scrubbing but nothing major. I had lots of labels floating in the water.


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