The iPad – One Month On

I didn’t want to write about my experience using the iPad too soon because I really wanted to give a bit of time to see how it would fit into my daily routine. I also didn’t see the point in writing about what many others have already written about in-depth (such as Andy Ihnatko’s post here ). So what has my experience with the iPad been like so far?

First off I now understand why people who were able to see the iPad at the event where it was announced said you have to hold and use it to really “get it”. The screen and the speed of the device really makes it an interactive experience I wasn’t expecting. Browsing the web on the iPhone is mediocre at best. As revolutionary as it was Mobile Safari on a device with a screen that small isn’t what it could have been, what it is now with the iPad. Now, it literally feels like having the web in your hands. The iPad *is* that responsive.

Day to day i find myself mostly using the iPad mainly for two things:

  • browsing the Internet
  • reading books

As i said before browsing the internet on the iPad is a new experience. I have been especially enjoying it on Sunday mornings for reading the New York Times via their website while drinking my coffee. I’ve also tried the Editors Choice application that was available the day the iPad launched but as good as that is I like the website better. The full content of the paper is there and it looks like the paper.

The other thing I have been using the iPad a lot for is reading books. When the iPhone version of the Amazon Kindle app came out I bought “Quicksilver” from Neal Stephenson as I have been trying to read that one for awhile ( that’s a whole other post ). Reading on the iPhone was doable but lets say less than a spectacular experience on the small iphone screen.

It is a completely different story with Kindle on the iPad.  The large screen makes it a wonderful ebook reader.  The font size and page/text color are changeable.   There is a screen brightness control although it really is in the wrong place.  It’s located along with the  font/screen options but it really should have it’s own control right up on the toolbar.    That is an item I think people would be changing more than the other two (and on the Apple iBooks app the brightness control is right up front.

I could write a lot more but I think its sufficient to say that at this point the iPad had definitely changed the way I interact with the web.  I don’t need to sit down at a desktop machine or pul out my laptop anymore to get a good web browsing experience.  It is so nice to be able to sit down on the couch with the iPad in my lap and read the web like I read a book.   As far as I’m concerned it really is a game changer.

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