Trying MarsEdit 3.0

I’ve been trying various native applications for both Mac and Windows for a year or so now as editors for this blog.

I stil think the king of blog editors is Windows Live Writer.  It is a fantastic application but honestly I don’t want to have to boot up Windows in vmware on my Mac just to run it.  I spend most of my time on my Mac.  If I were on my Windows 7 desktop most of the time then it would be a no-brainer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vmware but using those resources is just overkill for a blog editor so I went back to using the WordPress web UI.

I’ve tried Blogo on the Mac and while that was promising it appears to be a dead project as it has been on version 1.2 for a long time now and it was also lacking in features that I wanted (but it was so long ago since I tried it I couldn’t say what those features were).

I tried Ecto at some point too and it also hasn’t been updated in ages.

I’ve tried Mars Edit previously and the last version was sorely lacking in features.  It was definitely a dinosaur.  I’m now trying the new release of Mars Edit v3.0 and it’s looking promising.   The support for WordPress looks to be very nice.   I’ll be giving it a try for the 30-day trial period and see if it will be worth paying for.

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