Web Browser Themes…Not Sure I Get It

I’ve been playing with the newest Chrome beta on my Mac for the past day or two and it is becoming an intriguing replacement for Safari (Firefox feels very sluggish to me).  The one thing I was just playing with that I don’t get is themes.   I find the majority of theme just a distraction.   Basic colors-based themes (or those with simple gradients, etc) are OK but I find the artist-generated themes to be too difficult to use.   With distracting pictures my eyes don’t know where to rest to find the controls I need.  They also clutter up the display because my eyes have problems finding anything else on the screen with a art theme enabled.   Visually distracting to say the least.  I’ve settled on a few of the “basic” themes with monochromatic color schemes and simple gradients.    I’m just not sure I understand why people like these things.

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