F***ing Crackers

I found out two nights ago that I had a trojan (or more than one) installed on my Windows 7 desktop computer.  I have no idea how or when it got there but it was there nonetheless.   My machine had been on for several days and two nights ago it started acting very odd.  At one point I tried opening up Task Manager and it kept quitting all on it’s own.  I ran the Microsoft anti-virus/anti-malware “Security Essentials” and sure enough it found things.   Sure enough it didn’t completely get rid of them either (not to mention the real-time scanner didn’t notice these things in the first place but thats a whole other story).

The next day I noticed more suspicious behavior and found several odd executable files in both my user temporary folder as well as the Windows temporary folder.  Further investigation revealed items in my Task Manager to launch these executables.  Between manually clearing things out and  a-squared Free anti-malware I believe I finally have a malware-free machine.

This whole thing really pisses me off though.  Don’t these jerks have enough to do without wasting time writing this crap?

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