Cedric Beust is Bust

Cedric Beust posts something incredibly lame on his weblog about the iPhone.   It gets picked up by John Gruber and posted at Daring Fireball.   Cedric’s website is now bust.

Not surprising given how ridiculous his post about the iPhone was.   I mean really?

Apple became arrogant before they were the best in the world, and they are now going to have to fight hard if they want to stay third or maybe even fourth.

I would expect nothing less from an Android engineer about the iPhone.

Oh and Cedric?  iPhone OS has had tethering for 12 months.   It isn’t Apple’s fault that AT&T is the only carrier worldwide who isn’t allowing tethering.  And if you think carriers will let Android 2.2 go out with free tethering you’re crazy.

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