Android vs iPhone: whats with all the hand-wringing?

The last week or so has been very interesting across the many technology blogs that I follow.  Ever since the Google IO conference and the announcement of Android 2.2 the amount of hand-wringing going on over on the iPhone side of things is getting ridiculous.  Just as ridiculous are the people on the Android side finger pointing and strutting around like Android 2.2 has just killed the iPhone dead.  Both sides are being silly.

For the people on the iPhone side: relax.  Apple knows what they’re doing.  They still own the smartphone market and likely will for the foreseeable future (Android people don’t tell me about the numbers.  I know the sales numbers.  They aren’t even half the story).  Why?  Because they care about the little things that normal people care about.  Google has on it’s side creepy commercials for the Droid that certainly don’t appeal to the mass market and a UI, which while getting much better, still isn’t an iPhone.  All that being said its good that the iPhone finally has real competition.  Apple needs a kick in the pants and Android 2.2 and the new HTC phones are that kick in the pants.

For the people on the Android side: stop being jealous and enjoy your damned phones already.   Your behavior over the last week has been nothing short of pathetic and childish.  Apple isn’t going to sit down and roll over because Android 2.2 is finally making Android a good platform.   Normal people don’t give a crap about the Java VM in Android 2.2 (just like they don’t give a damn about Objective-C on the iPhone).   Like I said to the Apple people: competition is good.   Both sides will benefit.   Your OS is getting there and has some features that the iPhone should think about but its still a geek phone.   The phones don’t have Apple design flair nor does the user interface.  Accessories?  iPhone again.  The platform is growing up and thats good but Apple will still be around for a long time.

I really don’t understand how technology people can always think there will be an iPhone killer that comes from outside of Apple.  The only thing that will be an iPhone killer is Apple itself and I’m going to bet that won’t happen.  Android isn’t going to kill the iPhone.  If anything Android will make the iPhone a better platform than it is now.   So lets all enjoy our platform of choice and get on with life.  Honestly life is too short to argue about crap like this.   Lets get out there and make some cool apps for *both* platforms.

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