When you’ve got nothing why not post some linkbait?

Yesterday John Gruber over at Daring Fireball posted a link to a “story” by Joe Wilcox over at betanews that was nothing more than linkbait.  Titled “Samsung’s Series 9 laptop is the Windows Macbook Air killer you’ve been waiting for” Wilcox doesn’t really give many indications as to why this is going to kill the MacBook Air.

Aside from a better processor there isn’t much else going for the machine over the MacBook Air.  In fact the hardware configuration is almost embarrassingly the same.  Embarrassing for Wilcox not for Samsung because it truly is a gorgeous machine (though since I’m typing this on a 15″ MacBook Pro I hardly need to wipe the drool off anything).  Priced higher than the MacBook Air in all configurations and running Windows 7 this machine is certainly not going to put a dent in MacBook Air sales let alone kill the line completely.   If someone wants to run Mac OS X they certainly can’t point to the Samsung as a viable choice.

By the title it’s clear that Wilcox was relying on sensationalism to get views.  What he wrote made it clear why he resorted to linkbait, there wasn’t much worth reading.  He repeated a spec sheet on an unreleased piece of hardware.

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