Yes, we should ratchet things down

It’s shameful the type of “discussion” that is happening over at  Writing like this from Ben Howe this evening at Red State:

If this weekend has taught us anything politically, it’s that the left is not interested in facts. Once a template has been established, no amount of evidence is going to usurp their idea of how and why certain events have transpired.

Gee Ben, you douchebag, thanks for painting such a large group of people with such a broad brush.  Maybe you should have watched Rachel Maddow this evening addressing the facts: like the one in which she gives the context of Sharon Angle’s comments regarding “Second Amendment remedies”.

You and your website aren’t helping.  Every article I look at on your website ( is full of mockery, disrespect, and mean-spiritedness.   The comments are worse.  Quite frankly its disgusting.  I don’t like the tone over at either but the front page stories aren’t anywhere near the level of redstate.

It is clear that too many people are taking politics far too seriously.  Our “leaders” aren’t helping with Senators like Kyl of Arizona, in reference to health care reform, noting it is “a stunning threat to liberty.”  Really?  A stunning threat?  Certainly Senator Kyl might not agree with the reforms but a threat to liberty?  Hardly.  Hell, Mitt Romney signed a similar package into law for Massachusetts in the early 1990s.  Have thinking, moderate Republicans disappeared completely?

The problem with talk like Kyl’s, with a lot of people out of work and an economy that is still in poor shape, is that it will scare people.  People are scared enough and our media, and our political leaders, are making it worse.   Political blogs the likes of certainly aren’t helping the matter either.  Instead of providing a good forum for discussion of problems and their solutions these types of sites feed the media frenzy.

It is not wrong to disagree with someone.  We do not have to agree on everything to be able to solve problems.  It is really so important to be “right” about something that it is necessary to blow every little difference in perspective out of proportion?  I really wish I knew the answer to getting rid of the ridiculous ideology and get back to problem solving.

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