Steve Jobs takes leave of absence from Apple

The story has been all over the technology websites today about Steve Jobs taking leave from Apple to deal with more issues.  I found this quote from an article at to be kind of amusing:

“Without him at the helm, we just don’t know whether the company can continue on its successful course,” Kagan said. “At this point we have so many questions and no one has any real answers. It’s all uncharted territory for now.”

Really?  Uncharted territory?  How is this different from the last leave he took?  We know about as much now as we did then about his health (nothing).  We also know that Apple continued to operate on all cylinders while he was away.

That Apple ran just fine speaks not only to the people that Jobs has surrounded himself with to run the company but also his clear vision for what should be happening while he was away.  Why would we think this is any different now?

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