This is how you get customers Toshiba?

As linked to by John Gruber over at Daring Fireball  Toshiba has created an all-Flash website to showcase a new Android-based tablet they are creating.   If someone vists on an iPad they get the following:

Such a shame. Add this to the list of interesting places on the Internet you can’t see on your device. Of course, if you had a Toshiba Tablet, you would enjoy the entire Internet. Yep, Flash sites too.

Pretty snotty if you ask me.  It is also something that would make me cross Toshiba off my list of potential options if I were looking for another tablet.  I own an iPad so Flash-based sites are off limits to me.  I’m good with that because I find it inexcusable to be creating a fully Flash-based site today.

The real kicker in all this though is these guys actually provide a mobile site for the same thing in pure HTML.  Instead of redirecting iOS users to that site they get smarmy.  Nice way to get customers you douchebags.

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