Lotus Notes/Google Calendar Sync: 3-1/2 Options

I’ve been looking for a way to get my work and “life” calendars in the same spot.  I had been trying to keep them separate because I didn’t want my work appointments invading my personal calendar.  In theory that was a great idea but in practice, due to my workplace’s access policy, it is nearly impossible to see my work calendar outside of the office.   We use Lotus Notes at work and I use Google Calendar (GCal) for my personal calendars.  Surely given the still-heavily used Notes someone had come up with a sync option.   Sure enough several someones had and each had it’s strengths.   Here they are starting with the option I chose for my own use:

  1. Lotus Notes to Google Calendar Synchronizer(open source)Basically one-way sync from Notes to GCal.  This was perfect for me.  I’m not interested in making appointments in my Google calendars.  I just want to be able to see what I have coming up when I’m not in the office.This application can be run in command-line mode to make it run on a schedule either via Windows scheduled tasks (as I’m running it) or on Mac OS X/Linux as a schedule shell script (via cron or some other tool).

    It is Java-based and is completely client-side.

  2. GooCalSyncfrom OpenNTF.org  (open source)This one goes in the opposite direction,  Google to Notes.
  3. GooCalSync ProfessionalSame as above but isn’t free.  Allows bi-directional sync and can be scheduled.

    I haven’t tried this one at all.

  4. AwesyncAnother pay-for product with a 30-day trial.   Allows bidirectional sync of calendars, contacts, and tasks between GCal and Notes.  Includes scheduling, etc.

    I tried this in the past when it was in beta and liked it but I wasn’t willing to pay for a product.  It appears to have improved quite a bit since I tried the demo and looks very complete.

I’ve been pretty happy with option 1.   I only require simple calendar sync from notes to Google.  It’s free and comes with a good help file that explains clearly how to set it up and how to schedule the sync via the Windows task scheduler.

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