Problem with Google Calendars not showing up in iPhone calendar app?

Update:  This has been one of the most popular posts on my blog since I wrote it.  Apparently I’m not the only person who found this difficult to resolve 😉   I recently found a page that describes the page I link to below.  Here are Google’s official instructions for using CalDAV with an iOS device.

I’ve been banging my head for days over my work calendar (which I sync with my actual work calendar from Lotus Notes) on Google not appearing on my iPhone.  Not only was it not appearing but it wasn’t even showing up as an option in the calendar app.   Deleting my gmail account wasn’t helping.   Looking through the various settings in the web UI for Google Calendar wasn’t helping.   Finally a Google search did help and the answer is this:

iPhone Sync Settings

The annoying thing about this page is that it’s not available from the Google Calendar settings even though it shows the same logo on the top of the page.  It is also not easily available from help.

Google seems to spend a lot of time talking about Google Sync which uses the Exchange connectivity option on the iPhone but not so much about using CalDAV (for Calendar) and IMAP (for GMail).  Both have their pros and cons.  I like the CalDAV/IMAP option better for my needs and I don’t need instant push from the server (from the Exchange/Google Sync option).   I just wish the page I linked to above wasn’t essentially floating around in the ether.

At some point I visited that page and I remember it but they don’t make it easy to find. Hopefully this post will help out someone who’s scratching their head over this one.

30 thoughts on “Problem with Google Calendars not showing up in iPhone calendar app?

    1. Do you have any idea how much I love you? I have felt like a crazy person scouring the Internet and pulling her hair out. I don’t typically visit blogs for answers thinking I may be running into some kind of advertising/faux article, but this really paid off.


      1. Glad I could help 🙂 I’m not sure why Google still makes this so tough to find but given how many hits I get on this particular post people still aren’t finding the information they need right from Google.


  1. Wow.  Holy smokes.  Thanks for this!  Google finds your blog page rather than its own instructions when you look for help on this topic.  Unbelievable.


    1. Yeah the page has been rather popular lately 😉 Not sure why they made it so hard to find but at some point they did update their own doc.

      Glad I could help!


  2. Amazing! So happy to have found this! I was missing appointments that I had scheduled bc they weren’t showing up on my iphone calendar. Thanks again!


    1. Happy to have helped. I’d have thought that by now Google would have made it easier to find this stuff but it seems pretty clear they have haven’t.


  3. If you have setup 2 step authentication I had to disable calendar under my gmail account on my phone, and then go through and setup the CalIDAV account.


    1. Dude…you’re quite welcome 😉 I still can’t get over how many hits I get to this posting. Hard to believe this far down the line its still so confusing.


      1. I know what you mean. It should so so much simpler, but for some reason they seemed to have made it harder then what it had to be


  4. Thanks for posting this. Every other page I looked at instructed one to visit Enabling calendars at that page had no effect on my device. I do not understand how that page differs from the one you linked to. Google always seems to be oblivious to shortcomings in their products. I wonder why ..


  5. You are indeed a genius – thank you for making this SO EASY to do, I hope Apple pays you lots of money for this support!


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