Bittman on the budget

As usual Mark Bittman is dead on.  Healthcare costs are eating this country alive.  Controlling healthcare costs is what will get us out of this mess but nobody seems to be really interested in solving the problem (not based on where the $38 billion in cuts are coming from).  And that is where the fault lies with Bittman’s ideas.

He says:

Corny as it is to say so, if we can put a man on the moon we can create an environment in which an apple is a better and more accessible choice than a Pop-Tart.

But the Pop-Tart has a huge lobby behind it who’s interest is keeping the Pop-Tart more accessible than an apple.   Sad but true.  We’re not interested in public health in this country nor in the long-term health of our citizens.   In the end it’s all about getting rich today and to hell with tomorrow.

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