Now with Disqus comments

Decided after some prodding (via @TheColonial on Twitter) to give Disqus a try again.  It’s been two years and another blog since then but it looks like the good folks at Disqus have done a lot of work.  Nothing to lose here by trying the comments.  If it doesn’t work I disable the plugin.  Easy enough.

Have at it folks.

2 thoughts on “Now with Disqus comments

    1. Shampton! Obviously not much I can say at the moment however it does appear to be a lot better than when I tried it a couple of years ago. Biggest question is how much spam will I get. Interesting thing is they also allow you to use the Akismet spam system from Automattic in addition to their own.

      It is cool how you can aggregate stuff from Twitter, etc. back into your blog posts (not just the direct comments).

      Also was brain-dead easy to put into WordPress.

      Guess we’ll see. Really need to get some more useful and/or controversial postings up here first 😉


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