John Boehner wants “serious action” for deficit reduction?

John Boehner clipped from Talking Points Memo:

The American people will not stand for that unless it is accompanied by serious action to reduce our deficit. More promises, hollow targets, and Washington commissions simply won’t get the job done.

I’d love to know the serious action to reduce our deficit is being made in either the Ryan plan or the just-agreed-to short term budget to keep the US government afloat.  If by serious action Boehner means giving handouts to friends on the backs of the old and poor then the GOP’s plans are going to work like gangbusters.   If he means really reducing the deficit not so much.

He goes on to say:

To reduce the economic uncertainty hanging over American job creators we must demonstrate that we’re willing to take action. And any plan that starts with job-destroying tax hikes is a non-starter. We need to grow our economy – not our government – by creating a better environment for private sector job growth. That’s why Republicans are fighting for meaningful spending cuts and fighting against any tax increases on American small businesses.

Who is this guy talking to?  Anyone with a brain already knows the private sector is doing well again.  The problem isn’t the need for a better environment for the private sector.  The problem is the private sector holding back on the hiring.  Look over the list of spending cuts in the Ryan plan and point me to anything that is truly meaningful.

I know these guys are all politicians and they all think this is some big game but this whole thing is maddening.  By all accounts if the clowns in DC did absolutely nothing we’d be better off.  And shame on Obama for his continued desire for “bi-partisanship”.  We need leadership on these matters and he clearly isn’t doing much of that at the moment.

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