Notes on President Obama’s budget speech today

I’m just a regular guy with a (probably unhealthy) interest in politics.  Given the way it burns me up most of the time I should probably avoid it but watching the Republican Party the last 10 years is like watching a train wreck, over, and over, and over again.  Just when I think they can’t possibly step into more shit they surprise me and step into even deeper piles of shit than before.

Since this website is my own personal dictatorship I’m going to rant and rave about this stuff as much as I want, mostly as a way to maintain a somewhat healthy state of mind after being exposed to the poison leaking from every news report that involves anything with the GOP.

That said here are my notes on the budget plan speech President Obama gave today to counter the “plan” from Paul Ryan and the GOP.

  • I love the way he laid out how the budget works from a percentage basis.   In other words how much we spend on Medicare, etc  About 2/3rds for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and national security.  Student loans, veterans benefits, etc. about 20%.  Everything else:  12%.   Education, clean energy, food safety, etc.
  • He kept noting that truly serious plans need to have everything on the table.  Not just that 12%.  The Ryan “plan” only touches on Medicare/Medicaid because certain people will still get it anyhow.  The rest will get a voucher.
  • I also liked how he noted what the vision of these programs has been and how it talks about what we as Americans want for ourselves and our country.
  • He totally slams the GOP when talking about proposed cuts in clean energy, education, etc.  Countries like China, South Korea, and Brazil are running circles around us in these areas.  We should be leading…not following.
  • We can’t afford things like funding clean energy research, education, etc. but we can give more money back to the rich.  He frames it as how much money every senior would have to pay to get those tax cuts for the rich.   Very effective.
  • Again and again he slams the GOP “vision”.  They have none (my comment…not his).
  • GOP plans never talk about the future aside from saving money (how this is actually accomplished is also not really laid out well by the GOP).  Obama talks about things we will invest in that are required for our future.
  • Finding savings in the defense budget.  Its about damned time.  We can save a lot of money getting out of places we shouldn’t be.  The Republicans never want to touch this stuff.  It’s ridiculous.
  • Use the power of Medicare to lower costs of prescription drugs.  Imagine that.  Why not just give a voucher?
  • End the Bush tax cuts.  Let them expire as they should have before.  He balked on this one previously.  Hopefully not this time.

So in 45 minutes we get a real plan.  It isn’t full of unicorns and fairies.  Of course the GOP response was a given:  I’m going to take my ball and go home.

Paul Ryan:

What we were hoping for was possibly getting some bipartisan agreement on another entitlement program that’s going insolvent, like Social Security.

I was hoping Social Security and some budget controls, and I didn’t even hear that,” he said. “I was naively optimistic that the President was going to give us a sincere olive branch.

Eric Cantor:

Raising taxes is not what we need right now two days before tax day

(never mind tax day is the 18th this year)

Is Paul Ryan nuts?  Bi-partisan?  Olive branch?  He says those things and means “my way or the highway”.  He has the balls to put a joke of a budget “plan” out the way he did, get rightly slammed for it by the President, and then talk about being bi-partisan?  Screw you Ryan.  The time for bi-partisanship is over.


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