Newsflash: there are dumb people on the Internet!

Course we all knew that already.  It’s not some newsflash.  But get someone who doesn’t know when to stop digging themselves a hole and pair them up on Twitter with a self-righteous windbag who doesn’t know when to shut up you get:  @Mike_FTW vs. the racist misogynists!

Long story short: Mike was upset by some stupid comments made in relation to something he said.  But in typical Internet fashion Mike thinks that instead of ignoring the stupid stuff (or simply retweeting it, exposing it for the stupidity it is, and moving on like his good friend John Gruber) he’s better off beating people over the head to try and show his moral superiority.

I don’t know what his problem is nor at this point do I care anymore.  I just wish he’d get back to the good stuff.  The funniest thing was that when I called him on it (and frankly with 20000 followers I’m surprised he saw the response) he got pissed off 😉

@Mike_FTW: I am genuinely amazed at how many people are willing to share their racist and misogynistic views on twitter. With pride.

Really?  He’s amazed there are stupid people on the Internet?

@jasonkratz: @Mike_FTW I’m genuinely amazed how many people don’t know how to stop beating a dead horse on Twitter.

Yeah.  I know this isn’t exactly deep but hey…it got noticed.

@Mike_FTW:  @jasonkratz Dude, you CHOSE to follow me. If you don’t like what I’m saying just unfollow. POOF! Gone forever. Fucking magic!

This guy can dish it out but certainly has thin skin (and I didn’t even push him much).

@jasonkratz: @Mike_FTW or I could choose to tell you to STFU and keep following you given that outside of this crusade of yours you’re worth following.

And he is worth following.  The guy is a great speaker and he’s damned funny.  But he’s hit an annoying patch on Twitter where he doesn’t seem to know when to quit.  Mike for christ’s sake stop already and get back to the baseball talk or something.

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