Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

It has been an exasperating experience watching the “battle” over the current debt “crisis” as it unfolds in the national media.  There has been a lot of analysis on the various political blogs as well.   But to say that Congress and the White House are playing chicken with the economy is just a bit disingenuous.   Congress is doing what it always does albeit in a more extreme version than we’ve seen since I’ve been alive.

We only have ourselves to blame.  The apathy of the Left in the 2010 election was rewarded with a large list of incoming freshman Congresspeople of the far right with outdated views on how the country should be run.  In my own district Melissa Bean barely ran a campaign and lost by a slim margin to Joe Walsh.  A bit more effort on the part of the Left probably would have avoided this.

Many on the Left have complained endlessly since 2008 that Obama hasn’t done exactly what they’ve wanted and I believe that is what helped drive the results in the 2010 House elections.  I haven’t been happy with some of the things the President has done while in office either but never for a second would I have been crazy enough to vote for a Tea Party member or worse not vote at all.

The blame can’t be laid solely at the feet of the Left though.  Everyone who voted is responsible for the mess in Washington, not the people who went to Washington.  We’re getting exactly what we voted for.

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