So much for separation of church and state

The governor of Texas is a nut.  What is this all about?

In many ways, the rally was unprecedented, even in Texas, where faith and politics have long intersected without much controversy — the governor, as both a private citizen and an elected leader, delivering a message to the Lord at a Christian prayer rally he created, while using his office’s prestige, letterhead, Web site and other resources to promote it.

He’s using government resources to promote a religious service?  I suppose that since it’s not Federal government this is fine (assuming Texas doesn’t have anything on the books forbidding this).  It really makes me think twice about the direction this country is headed though.

In 2011 we should have fewer people believing fictional stories about a guy who was hung up on a cross and who disappeared mysteriously from his burial place.   If you asked these same people if Norse mythology were something worth believing in they’d think you were nuts….all while believing their own fictional stories.

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