Danny Sullivan has a memory problem

From Danny Sullivan’s rebuttal to Gruber/Hall/Siegler:

Gruber tells us that the Android UI was copied from Apple. Hall says that the idea of a touchscreen smartphone was copied by the iPhone.

Newsflash. As a Windows Mobile user from 2004, I had a touchscreen smartphone that ran apps long before that idea ever punched itself out of Apple.

Really?  Windows Mobile had a multitouch interface?  Last time I checked touchscreen devices of that era used a stylus.  I had a Palm Pilot 1000.  That was also a touchscreen but I wouldn’t pretend that somehow Apple copied that device to create the iPhone.  It also had a stylus.    At my current employer we use ruggedized Windows Mobile-based scanner guns….they still use a stylus and don’t know a thing about multitouch.

I think Sullivan needs to go back a bit further in time, perhaps, 11 years before his Windows Mobile phone, and take a look at it’s great-grandparent.  Oh wait.  Another Apple device.  But those guys don’t do anything innovative do they?



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