Walk in the woods.

Wright Woods trail
Rainy Day Trail

Autumn is almost here.  It’s still my favorite time of the year so I dropped the kids off at Grandma’s house  and took a drive to my favorite forest preserve.  Perfect day for it too.  Cool temperatures.  Light rain.   Football sunday meant I was alone. Perfect day to take pictures.  The colors.  No other time of year has the range of colors I saw today.  Greens.  Yellows.  Reds.  Purples.  Gray and rainy gives the perfect light but a phone camera is an imperfect tool.  I wasn’t able to capture everything I wanted.


Wright Woods Bridge
Rainy Day Bridge

There was no way to capture the mist in the air or the play of light over all of the wet surfaces.  I took a bunch of pictures but I wish I could capture the whole experience.  Pictures are wonderful things but what about the sounds and smells?  I only have words to capture the sound of the rain dripping off the leaves and tapping on the hood covering my head.  Only words to try to describe the scent of a forest glistening with water, full of both life and decay at the same time.  How do I describe that?  I’m falling short but I wish I could share that. It was wonderful.

The world is slipping back into the long sleep.  Winter will be here soon and it’s a time that contains it’s own set of wonders and I will enjoy those when it’s time.  But right now I will enjoy what Autumn has to offer and not worry.

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