CloudFlare. It’s a no-brainer for any website

I enabled CloudFlare the other day for this blog and I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t enable it for their own website.

It’s saving me bandwidth:

It’s saving me requests:(even naughty ones):

All this for free.   Yes, they do offer pay-for plans with more features.

They do all this with a trick called “reverse proxying” and you host your DNS for a particular domain with them.   Setup couldn’t have been easier as they were able to grab all of my DNS entries automatically from Hostmonster (my current hosting provider).

The one glitch I did run into was email because I have an email account that I use on the domain.    I was baffled for a few days too because I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting odd messages about delays in trying to deliver email until I put the time I enabled CloudFlare and the email bounces together.  A simple MX record in the CloudFlare DNS for my email fixed that right up.

I don’t work for CloudFlare but I’m recommending this.  It’s a great way to avoid spammers and other nasties and the price can’t be beat for a personal blog.  Give it a shot.  It’s as easy to turn off as it is to turn on.  There is absolutely nothing to lose.

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