iCal upgrade for iCloud and BusyCal

I had a very pleasantly surprising experience today when I installed the Mac OS 10.7.2 upgrade for iCloud functionality.   I had iCal subscribed to a selection of my Google calendars via CalDAV.   I also have been trying the trial version of BusyCal which I have set to subscribe to the same set of calendars that are synced to iCal via CalDAV.  One thing cool about BusyCal though is that those calendars are exposed to the Mac as being “native” iCal calendars.   When I started the iCloud setup for iCal one of the things that happened was that it copied the Google calendars and data over to iCloud.   This was fantastic since I’m planning on replacing Google Calendar with iCloud (at least give it a trial).  This made the transition completely painless.

Now I’m just hoping that iCloud is a bit better on launch than MobileMe was 🙂

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