New Look. Testing a New Platform – Squarespace

Update: I’ve noticed several clicks from Google to this and one other posting here related to Squarespace. While this blog is running on now (but this particular post was written over at Squarespace) I have since signed up with Squarespace for another site that I will be running for an iPhone software endeavor I am starting.

Welcome to Squarespace! I’ve been having some problems with my previous host which was a self-hosted WordPress install on shared hosting. Between odd problems with CPU throttling on a small-traffic blog and database connection errors it’s time to find something else. The geek in me wants something I can totally admin myself. The realist in me doesn’t want anything to do with that anymore. I just want to be able to blog, post pictures, etc. So it’s down to Squarespace and They’re both hosted solutions where traffic spikes, etc. don’t matter. I can just blog.

I’m trying Squarespace first. The ads on []( were the catalyst. The’ve been raving about it for a long time. Before them Leo Laporte and his guests also raved about them. 20% off for 6 months didn’t hurt either. The pricing is more rational now as well, custom domains are included in all of the plans. I signed up for the basic plan for $10/month.

Everything converted over from my WordPress setup easily enough. It also created URL mappings for my permalinks so that my Google-foo will still work. I’ll give it a shot for a month or two and see how it works.

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