Goodbye Google Reader

Update: So I’m back to using Google Reader.  The pain of not having the ability to sync between reading applications on different devices was simply too much to take.  I read a lot of RSS feeds and it wasn’t practical to keep trying to remember where I was the last time I read a particular thread.

So I’m saying goodbye to Google and researching what the options are for the many services that Google provides that I use. One service that I’ve used for years is Google Reader and I’m sad to find out for the way that I use it there simply isn’t a replacement.

I like to have my list of RSS feeds synced between the devices I use and this was easily accomplished with Google Reader.  On my Mac I just use the website.  Even with multiple application options available on the Mac the website is still my preference.  On my iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) I use Reeder.    Like many of the options out there Reeder only syncs with Google Reader, but then that’s the case with pretty much everything.

I was depressed to find out that the only sync option out there these days is Google Reader.  If you don’t want to use Google Reader  you’re out of luck if you want feeds synced between devices.   So in order to say goodbye to Google Reader I also had to say goodbye to Reeder and RSS on my iOS devices.  On the Mac I chose NetNewsWire because it appears to be the best option out there that doesn’t require syncing with Google Reader.

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