Firefox 10 and Ghostery 2.7.1 woes? Try a new profile.

I’ve been having lots of Firefox lockups on my Mac the last several days and traced it down to the Ghostery 2.7.1 privacy add-on.   I kept running across sites trying to open new windows (legitimately) but when this would occur Firefox would hang.   I’d then have to force quit it to get it to stop running.   This was easily repeatable.  Disabling Ghostery solved the problem but that wasn’t the solution I was looking for.

I did some searching on the web with no luck.  I did however find people talking about having issues with other add-ons and resolving their problems by creating a new Firefox profile.  I did that, reinstalled Ghostery, and tested the various sites that were causing problems.   This time I didn’t have any issues.

Creating a profile is a bit challenging on the Mac as it requires launching Firefox from the command line using the Terminal application.   Here are the 3 steps required:

  1. Quit Firefox if it is running.
  2. Open up Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities).
  3. Type the following at the command prompt: 
    /Applications/ -p

This will start Firefox with a window that allows you to manage profiles.  Create a new one here and choose it to start Firefox.   Now you can go in and set up the new profile.

Just one thing to note:  the Choose User Profile window will pop up every time you start Firefox when you have multiple profiles.

Once you’ve set up the new profile you can delete the original one named “default” that gets created the first time you run Firefox.

Helpful link:
Managing Firefox Profiles on the Mac

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