Liner Notes

What I miss most from the “old days” of CDs is the liner notes. I used to love reading those and seeing who played on the album, etc. With digital downloads you miss all of that information. I’m not sure if the iTunes special downloads with the digital booklets have it or not but the regular downloads certainly don’t. I used to spend a lot of time just sitting and listening and pouring over those notes to see which names I recognized, if any.

These days they even have issues with the release dates. Spotify is especially bad. I was looking over various albums from old rock groups like REO Speedwagon and Queen. Quite possibly the dates given on those were remastered album dates but that doesn’t give a sense of place and time the album was originally released. Without the liner notes it all but disappears.

2 thoughts on “Liner Notes

  1. I agree completely and just posted something on my Facebook wall mourning the loss of liner notes. I’m told iTunes LP has the capability to download a digital version but it’s just not the same.


    1. Yeah I agree. It really isn’t the same but on the flip side (pun intended) I really do like not having to store CDs, etc. I guess the “digital booklet” is a trade-off which I can live with assuming it has the same information and would be included on all downloads.


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