Attention to detail in software development: Rogue Amoeba’s Piezo

Pizeo’s VU Meters

I love stories like this and one of the reasons why I love the Mac and iOS so much.   So much attention to the small details.  They didn’t just worry about moving needles…they worried about stuff like (list from the article itself):

* Adding a table of dB values to angles describing the meter’s layout
* Using some math to interpolate between table values and sweep a log scale
* Writing test code to confirm motion and reference marks
* Adjusting sampling frequency and animation speeds
* Offsetting the dB values by that tricky 4dB in the standard
* And verifying against other meters I could find in audio software.

After years of experience of working on Mac audio apps these guys also knew that people would pay attention to this stuff.

Wonderful work.

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