Photo Hoarder becomes Photo Ninja

If there were a TV show for people who hoard photos I’d have to be starring on the show at some point. I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. Compounding the problem is that I take a lot of pictures that get saved twice, the picture I took and an automatically-generated iOS HDR version of the same photo. This isn’t really a problem, the problem is I always think I have to keep all of these photos.

The truth is most of them are pretty awful. Many of the good ones I end up processing through Instagram (or Hipstamatic, or some other iOS photography app) so in some cases I have three versions of the same photo good photo. But I never want to delete any of these photos. I always think I might need one some day, even the awful ones, so I just can’t bring myself to delete them. But that was before. After taking a look at the trash in my photo stream I’ve been knocked out of the daze I was in and now I’m deleting photos like a mad man, with the efficiency of a ninja.

I started the purge in my photo stream and now I’m mercilessly slashing through my photo albums removing all of the crap. If I have three versions of the same photo (in other words, two versions plus an Instagram say, I keep the Instagram version because ultimately I wanted that version anyhow otherwise why would I have processed it and posted it via Instagram for others to see? I have five shots of the same scene I keep one, if it’s worthwhile, and I keep whichever copy looks better (normal or HDR).

Ultimately this will all pay off because it will be easier to find the stuff that actually matters and the brutal truth is most of the photos, even of the kids, aren’t worth keeping anyhow.

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