Getting off of Google Calendar and Google Talk – Not Going to Happen

Awhile back I started to move off of the various Google services I have been using over the years. Some of those transitions have been very successful (GMail), others mostly sucessful (Google Search). One service I ended up having to go back to (Google Reader) because there simply aren’t any other options available. There were two other services I have been using that simply aren’t options to get rid of right now, Google Calendar and Google Talk.

To make a long story very short there is one reason why I can’t dump either one of these services: work. Sure there are other options out there for online calendaring but not one that supports a feature I desperately need: the ability to sync with Lotus Notes. We use Notes at work and we are not allowed web access. Currently they are researching various options for mobile phone access for those of us who don’t have corporate Blackberry phones (yuck). As it currently stands getting access to my calendar via my iPhone or iPad would require a corporate profile to be set up along with which comes several restrictions that I am simply not willing to accept. That basically leaves me with one option which is to run an application to sync my Notes calendar with Google Calendar. I have not found any options yet that sync with other online calendars so for the moment I have no option but to keep using Google Calendar.

The same thing goes for Google Talk. It is the only instant messaging client that we can use to get outside of the firewall at work. Many of us use it and not communicating with people at work is not an option so Google Talk it is.

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