nvAlt – just not clicking for me yet

A week ago I wrote about my new writing workflow. The tool I chose for keeping notes was nvAlt (and ResophNotes on Windows which is a duplicate of Notational Velocity on the Mac). Up to that point I had been using Evernote to keep notes. So far the nvAlt way is not working for me. I like how Evernote gives the ability to have folders and notebooks. nvAlt relies on searching. That is all well and good but I’m so used to browsing to see if I’ve already written something on a given topic it is hard for me to switch to searching. The mental jump required, as easy as it seems, just hasn’t happened yet.

I’m not giving up on nvAlt by any means. I promised myself that I’d give the new workflow a month. I’ll reevaluate at that point but a week in and Evernote hasn’t lost it’s appeal even if it is much harder to get stuff out of it.

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