Dear John Gruber

I’ve been a long-time reader of Daring Fireball. I’ve read just about every word you’ve written on your website over the last 5 years. I’ve even defended you countless times to those who claim that you’re just an Apple fanboy. But after the way you’ve handled moving The Talk Show to another podcast network I just can’t support you any more. You’ve lost a loyal reader (and listener).

The thing is, I don’t care about the reasons. That is between you and Dan Benjamin. But to apparently not give a damn enough to at least give a few words about the move to your listeners just doesn’t cut it. At least Dan Benjamin had the decency to finally say a few words about the situation and they were nice words. In your case Mike Monteiro went to Twitter and insulted people who were upset over the situation. Real class act that.

Then there were people like Macdrifter who said:

Further, who gives a shit. It’s a podcast that isn’t ending, just switching networks. No one shut down 5by5. No one changed anything that materially impacts my life. I had to resubscribe to a podcast on a different feed. Big deal.

This view couldn’t be further from the truth. It was a podcast ending. The Talk Show was you and Dan Benjamin. If it were just you maybe Macdrifter would be correct but it wasn’t. Lot’s of us give a shit because we tuned in for 90+ weeks to listen to the both of you. The show filled up minutes of our commutes, or walking time, or any number of other activities that are made less boring by a good companion. Maybe to Macdrifter it was just a podcast and it wasn’t a big deal. Obviously that wasn’t true for others.

I’ve been rolling this whole thing over in my mind the last few days and came to the conclusion that if you really don’t care enough about your listeners then I don’t have time to give you. My minutes are precious things and I don’t give them up easily to any particular thing. That includes what I read and I won’t be giving any minutes to Daring Fireball either. I’m one guy and it probably won’t mean a thing to you but if you care so little about your audience I simply can’t give you any more of my attention.

So thanks for the great posts on Daring Fireball over the years and thanks for 90+ episodes of The Talk Show. You moved on and now it’s time for me to do the same. It’s time to find another podcast, and author, worthy of my time.

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