Summer Grilling

It’s amazing how satisfying grilling outdoors can be. A hot summer day, a glass of beer or wine in hand, and a good grill really can’t be beat.

After a summer without a grill I finally bit the bullet this year and bought a Weber Genesis E–310. I’ve been waffling over the last two months or so because of the cost. The Weber gets great reviews, and it’s made in the United States, but it’s not cheap 🙂 I went to Home Depot on July 4th and pulled the trigger. Every night since we’ve been grilling out.

My final rationalization was that the thing should last 15–20 years. With that kind of lifespan the $699 outlay doesn’t look like all that much especially given all of the joy it provides (not to mention good food).

I’m looking forward to a full summer of grilling.

One thought on “Summer Grilling

  1. Ahh the joys of grilling. Just the word brings me to think of sweltering hot summer days and warm summer nights when you would run around the grass bare foot and chase fireflies. =American Dream


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