Thoughts on the Aurora, CO theater shooting

I am a US citizen.  I am not anti-gun by any means.  I am however sick and tired of the speculation by the pro-gun folks that things might have been different in the theater in Aurora, CO if only someone had a gun.   This is always the answer for these people.  If only someone else had a gun maybe the situation would have been different.

Never mind that the theater was dark, with smoke from some sort of device tossed in by the gunman.  Never mind that it was pure chaos in there with people trying to escape with their lives.  Never mind that the gunman had body armor.

That is a challenging situation for even trained individuals.  It is an impossible situation for those who aren’t.   Had someone in that theater had the presence of mind to pull out a gun most likely the death toll would be higher, and it wouldn’t have been the gunman who was dead.

To those folks who keep wondering what if:  get real.   The situation would have been worse that it already was.

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