16 Years

Sixteen years is a long time. Enough time to get married, and have children. Enough time to have had several careers. It also is a long time for members of a band to be apart and then come back together to do a new album and tour. It doesn’t happen to often. A band that my friend Brian introduced me to, Dead Can Dance, just released a new album that I’m listening to right now called “Anastasis”. Good stuff. As a DCD fan I’m happy with the release but it’s not all that different from any of their earlier works.

The Beach Boys also released a new album this year, back in June, and of course it’s been even longer for them to have released a full studio album of new material. The difference there is that The Beach Boys have been touring in some form or other almost constantly. They’re also a hell of a lot older than Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry from DCD.

Devo did it too. They went 20 years between releases of new material. The B-52s did it it, 16 years between Good Stuff and Funplex. I guess I’m just surprised when these things happen. Pleasantly surprised. I love all of these bands and none of these releases have disappointed. It’s nice to see that the bands I grew up with (even the ones I didn’t like DCD which came later in life) are still out there getting it done, making great music.

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