Yellow Maples, Brown Oaks

I went for a walk yesterday at Wright Woods. I’ve been there many times and I never really paid all that much attention to the “lay of the land”. But this time, with a lot of time on my hands, I did.

At this time of year the most obvious thing is the explosion of yellow. With the peak of color now past, most of the maples are showing off their brilliant coat of yellow. Parts of the land that were formerly green are yellow almost from ground to sky. On a sunny day even the areas that aren’t yellow have a yellow tint to them thanks to the scattering of the light off of all of the leaves.

But here and there other colors are peeking out. Along the river the maples pretty much rule the roost with the odd oak tree soaring above but never dominating. The evidence for them is pretty clear with brown leaves here and there. At one point though the maples give way to the oaks.

I can’t say exactly how far away from the river I had to walk to see the transition but it was striking how quickly the landscape changed from a very dense stand of maples with their yellow leaves to the oaks, with their browns, oranges, and reds stretching out a bit. The oaks are big and they need a bit more breathing room and the forest complies.

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