still has some things to learn from Dropbox

Some time ago I managed to get a free 50GB account from Until recently I had not used it because Box seemed to be concentrating on the enterprise market. The 50GB account was only available via the web which made it useless for my needs.

At some point Box added an app for the iPhone and iPad to get access to that storage. I was expecting something similar to the Dropbox iOS app, which allows pretty effective management of what is stored in a Dropbox account. By “effective management” I mean being able to add and delete files at a bare minimum. I was sadly disappointed by the Box app.

Here is the main screen looking at a folder:


Selecting a file and clicking on the “Manage” button gives two options:


I have the option to select files and set files as favorites. I’m not sure how that qualifies as managing things. I’d expect to be able to delete files and folders here but I don’t have that option.

I’m pretty sure that, 50GB or not, I’m done with Box. The lack of flexibility with the iOS client, combined with the goofiness of the Mac sync client (I can’t move folders around easily? really?), really shows that they’re not serious about capturing any of the Dropbox market. If they don’t care about getting the simple things right why should I trust them with my data when they don’t offer any advantages over the more widely-supported Dropbox?

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