Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I’ve owned my Macbook Pro for 2 years now.  In the hopes of getting another couple of years out of it I recently upgraded the memory and put in a solid state drive.   I knew I was in for a faster machine but I didn’t realize it was going to feel like a new machine.   It’s almost ridiculous how much faster it is with these upgrades.   I haven’t timed the MacOS boot time but I am dual booting this machine with Windows 7.   Using Parallels Desktop I run the Windows partition inside of Mac OS.  Here are the Windows 7 boot times in Parallels pre and post upgrade:

Memory Boot Time Notes
4GB, no SSD 15 minutes I could only allocate about 1.5GB of RAM to Windows without making the Mac side useless
8GB, no SSD 2 minutes I was able to allocate 4GB of RAM to Windows 7
8GB, 250GB SSD 15 seconds

I knew the system would be faster but I never realized it would be that much faster. I should probably allocate 1.5gb of RAM to Windows just to see a more direct comparison to how fast it booted with 4GB of RAM and no SSD. I’d still expect it to be a lot faster at this point.

Moral of the story? If you want to get a bit more life out of a system that is 2-3 years old maximize the amount of RAM you can have in the machine and pop in an SSD.

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